Monday, 11 March 2013

Listening Assignment No. 7

Welcome to a new term of Listening Assignments!  This week we're looking at the legendary British rock band, the Beatles.  They became the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts of all time.  This week we are listening to Twist and Shout.  This song was actually a cover for the Beatles.  It was released on their first album Please, Please Me and went up to number 2 on the US Pop Chart.  It never reached number 1 as it was released during at time when the top 5 positions on the chart were all Beatles songs.

Please listen to the track and answer the following questions. You can answer these questions by posting in the comments section of the post, by e-mailing me at or by writing them down and giving me your responses in class.

1. Name the artist and the song name.
2. List the instruments you hear.
3. Is it a solo, duet, small group or large group?
4. What does this song remind you of? (Sights, sounds, smells, etc.)
5a) Do you like this song?
5b) Please give a musical reason why or why not?